ArabPlast 2021 in Dubai


ArabPlast 2021 in Dubai - Comco EPP Aktuelles

The 15th edition of ArabPlast invited industry specialists to the unique opportunity to showcase the progress in innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the plastics industry to the entire world.
With a history of 28 years, ArabPlast is an exclusive event for the plastics, petrochemical, packaging and rubber industries and is leading the way for the plastics industry in the Middle East. We were able to welcome many regular and new customers to our stand over the four days of the show and are already looking forward to moving into the future with our newly acquired partners from all industries and our on-site company Comco EPP Middle East.

More contributions

At Comco EPP, we specialize in the manufacture of high-quality Cast Nylon 6 (PA6C) container rollers, tailored to meet a wide array of customer needs.

We are excited to present the specialized capabilities of our PEEK hollow bars and rings at Comco EPP, designed for demanding applications across a variety of industries.

March 20th’s, marks the beginning of spring in Europe, and what better way to celebrate than by highlighting the vibrant diversity and innovative spirit at the core of our products at Comco EPP.