Thermoset semi-finished products

Premium materials of the highest quality.

Our brand Comco stands for premium thermoset materials of the highest quality.

Comco thermoset materials based on hard paper, hard fabric and glass fabric are high-performance plastics used in industries such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, traffic engineering and transformer construction. The materials of this product family are characterized by excellent thermal and electrical properties.

Comco EPP Produkte - Halbzeuge Duroplaste

Thermoset semi-finished materials at a glance

  • Comco-Hard paper

  • Comco-Cotton hard fabric

  • Comco-Glass hard fabric

  • Comco-Glas-hardmat

  • Comco-High temperature materials

  • Comco-Synthetic resin pressed wood

  • Comco-Soldering mask material

Comco-Hard paper

Made from paper as a substrate and phenolic/formaldehyde resin as a binder, this material is ideal as an electrical insulation material in mechanical and electrical applications.

Material at a glance:

Comco-Cotton hard fabric

Thermoset laminate made of cotton fabric sheets as a carrier material and phenol/formaldehyde resin as a binder. This high-quality material is suitable for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering due to its good mechanical properties, such as high wear resistance, noise and vibration damping.

Material at a glance:

Comco-Glass hard fabric

A thermoset material made of glass fabric or glass roving fabric as a carrier material and polyester, epoxy, melamine or silicone resins as binders. This group of materials is characterised by high mechanical strength and excellent electrical insulation properties. These materials are used in many areas such as switchgear construction, traffic engineering, vehicle construction, plant engineering and medical technology.

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Comco-Glas hardmat materials are available in various sizes and thicknesses!

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Comco-High temperature materials

Our high-temperature electrical insulation materials have very high mechanical strength, very good thermal insulation and very good electrical insulation properties for applications up to 800 °C limit temperature.

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Comco-Synthetic resin pressed wood

Synthetic resin pressed wood is a thermoset material consisting of European beech veneer as a carrier material and hardenable synthetic resin as a binder. High mechanical strength with low specific weight and good electrical properties characterise this material.

Material at a glance:

Comco-Soldering mask material

This material was specially developed for the production of printed circuit boards. Properties such as good mechanical stability at higher temperatures, low thermal conductivity, chemical resistance and good mechanical workability characterise this group of materials.

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