With our applications, we at Comco EPP go one step further. In addition to supplying semi-finished products and producing finished parts, we also offer our know-how in finished applications.

Plastic carriers

In the woodworking industry, things can often get rough, especially when conveying logs. Our plastic carriers are perfect for these demanding conditions.

Container rollers

We specialise in the manufacture of cast nylon 6 container rollers in a wide range of variants and modifications.

Comco-PA6 FR-V0

Flame retardant polyamide 6 for special applications according to UL94 V0 and rail applications according to DIN EN 45545-2

Flexi Cast

The cast sheet manufacturing process allows for custom sheet sizes and offers you customised, waste-optimised cast polyamide 6 sheet formats.

Trinkwasserplatten - PVC-U Platten von Comco EPP

Clarifier Plate

Fresh, clean water is a precious commodity. The efficient sourcing and treatment of water is vital for our quality of life.

Nylon-Rohrsystem für Kies- & Sandgewinnung - Comco EPP

Nylon Pipesystem

Due to their specific characteristics, our pipes have firmly established in the gravel and sand industry, the potash and salt industries and in mining.

ICEFLOOR365 – Eislaufplatz aus Kunststoff – Comco EPP


Ice skating rinks made of plastic panels for indoor and outdoor use – mobile, functional and eco-friendly!

PLAVIS Polyimide – Ultra-Hochleistungskunststoff – Comco EPP

PLAVIS™ Polyimides

PLAVIS™ polyiamides are the absolute pinnacle of plastics thanks to their complex property profile.

Rammschutz durch Rammschutzleisten – Comco EPP

Impact protection strips

Impact protection strips from Comco EPP help you to protect what needs to be protected – safely and for a long time.

Gleit- und Förderelemente – Comco EPP

Sliding and conveying elements

Sliding and conveying elements from Comco EPP offer solutions at the highest level.

Comco Case Studies

With our case studies, we bring abstract texts into the real world. From the problem to the final product, we show you how we work together with our clients on concrete projects. See for yourself.