Premium quality in all areas.

At Comco EPP, we work with globally active manufacturers from industry and commerce. In doing so, we achieve better goals in less time through communication at eye level. Whether it’s the food industry, space technology or transport – together we bring your idea to life.

Some examples

  • Transportation
  • Food industry
  • Construction
  • Automotive industry
  • Waste disposal industry

Comco EPP & Swiss Railways

The importance of public passenger transport has increased in recent years, especially in Switzerland. Due to the global transport turnaround, it will presumably continue to expand in the coming years and gain in popularity. Travel comfort is therefore a topic that is increasingly coming into focus.

By using the right materials in the right places, Comco EPP is making a decisive contribution to making passenger transport more comfortable and future-proofing it for passengers and companies.

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Comco EPP & drinking water treatment

Many people take water for granted. Whether from the supermarket or from the tap – it seems to be always available to us. However, with the world’s population growing ever faster, the supply of drinking water is becoming more and more problematic. The large water treatment plants must function reliably.

With plastic parts that are food-safe and resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, Comco EPP is helping to supply millions of people with clean drinking water. Because when it comes to drinking water, the highest quality is just good enough.

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Comco EPP & Football World Cup

The architecture of buildings is usually a reflection of the spirit of the times. And as different as the trends in construction are, so are their demands on architects, engineers and suppliers to turn the plans into reality.

There were also special challenges for the modern arenas of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Through teamwork at eye level, we were able to find a solution that is uncompromising in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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Comco EPP & premium automobiles

In the automotive industry, nothing is left to chance. Sounds like a roaring engine or the unmistakable “plop” when closing the driver’s door are deliberately designed. Less attractive noises like the squeaking of sunroofs or windscreen wipers would be out of place.

With tiny plastic parts made of polyimide, thrust plugs, we teach the electric motors for moving parts in cars to whisper. For an optimal product experience in the premium segment.

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Comco EPP & waste disposal

Before waste is properly disposed of or recycled, it has a long journey ahead of it. Most of the time, you only get to see the beginning of this journey – namely the removal. Because the removal of waste is always associated with noise. This is due to the steel rollers of the containers, which produce a noise that wakes residents from their sleep at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Together with manufacturers of skip containers, we have developed cast polyamide rollers that solve this problem. The disturbing noise is reduced and the city can continue to sleep in peace.

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Comco Case Studies

With our case studies, we bring abstract texts into the real world. From the problem to the final product, we show you how we work together with our clients on concrete projects. See for yourself.