Cast nylon 6 container rollers


We specialise in the manufacture of cast nylon 6 container rollers in a wide range of variants and modifications.

Our cast polyamide container rollers are manufactured to customer specifications. In contrast to the conventional steel roller, our polyamide roller offers several advantages:


  1. lower noise development during the rolling process
  2. protection of the ground against damage
  3. very high wear resistance, load capacity and therefore increased service life
  4. no corrosion of the material
  5. low-maintenance operation, as no external lubrication is required

The container rollers made of cast polyamide 6 are manufactured according to the principle of activated anionic polymerisation. This process ensures a very high structural density and thus a high quality of the rolls.

Our container rollers can be manufactured individually according to customer requirements in terms of outer and inner diameter, length, colour, and hub (with or without hub). For the most demanding requirements, they prove their superiority over rollers made of steel.

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