Discover Perfection in Cast Nylon 6 Sheets at Comco EPP!


At Comco EPP, we understand the importance of precision and quality. That’s why we offer topnotch Comco Cast Nylon 6 sheets in large format 3050x1220mm, starting at just 5mm thickness. Our range of modifications meets every specific need:



  • Comco Cast Nylon 6 Oil in vibrant yellow, green, or black for enhanced lubricity.
  • Comco Cast Nylon 6 Wax in elegant grey or bold red, perfect for applications requiring a smooth gliding surface.
  • Our top material all-rounder, Comco-Powerglide Green, infused with solid lubricants, is the solution for the highest sliding demands.

Rely on Comco EPP for products that don’t just promise but deliver. Top quality? Bet on it!

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Comco-PA6 FR-V0: Leader in fire protection.
Meets highest standards (UL94, DIN EN 45545-2) for rail and industrial applications.
Certified safety and flexible customization for tailored solutions.


In the food industry, safety and visibility are paramount. That’s why at Comco EPP, we’re proud to introduce our Comco POM-C Blue RAL5002, the ideal material choice for high visibility and safety compliance.

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