Discover the Versatility of Comco EPP’s PEEK Portfolio!


Excited to highlight the diverse range of Comco – PEEK materials at Comco EPP, tailored for high-performance applications across various industries. Our PEEK offerings, known for their robustness in challenging conditions, include plates, rods, tubes, custom-cut to size pieces, and CNC finished parts designed according to your precise needs.

Dive into our selection:

  • PEEK Natural
  • PEEK Black
  • PEEK 30% Glass Fiber Filled for enhanced strength and stability
  • PEEK 30% Carbon Fiber Filled for superior mechanical properties
  • PEEK HPV (High Pressure Velocity) PTFE, Carbon Fiber and Graphite filled, for the ultimate in wear resistance and durability.


Whether you’re innovating in aerospace, automotive, electronics, or any sector where excellence is non-negotiable, our PEEK materials offer the reliability and versatility your projects demand. Elevate your engineering solutions with the unparalleled quality of Comco EPP’s PEEK. Let’s connect and explore how we can support your next breakthrough!

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