Elevate Food Safety with Comco Acetal POM-C Blue RAL5002 – with EU10/2011 and FDA Approval!



In the food industry, safety and visibility are paramount. That’s why at Comco EPP, we’re proud to introduce our Comco POM-C Blue RAL5002, the ideal material choice for high visibility and safety compliance. The distinct blue color RAL5002 is not just appealing but serves a crucial purpose – it makes plastic fragments easily detectable, enhancing safety protocols in food processing environments.

Our Comco POM-C Blue RAL5002 isn’t just about its standout color; it comes with full EU10/2011 and FDA food approval, ensuring it meets the stringent standards required for food contact applications. Available from stock in a variety of thicknesses, we offer not only the vibrant Blue RAL5002 but also standard natural and black options to suit your needs.


Need custom parts? Our extensive range of CNC machining centers is at your disposal, ready to deliver finished parts precisely according to your specifications. Trust in Comco EPP to provide not only top-quality materials but also the customization you need for your unique applications.

Choose Comco POM-C Blue RAL5002 for unbeatable visibility and compliance in the food industry. Quality and safety in every sheet – that’s the Comco EPP promise.

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