Introducing the Pinnacle of Fire Safety: Comco-PA6 FR-V0



At Comco EPP, we’re thrilled to unveil the best in its class for fire safety – the unique and unparalleled
Comco-PA6 FR-V0. This flame-retardant Polyamide 6 sets new benchmarks in fire safety, meeting the
stringent standards of UL94 and DIN EN 45545-2. Engineered for excellence, Comco-PA6 FR-V0 is the
definitive choice for railway construction and demanding industrial applications.

Safety on Track with Comco-PA6 FR-V0 In the realm of public rail transport, where safety is
paramount, Comco-PA6 FR-V0 emerges as the ultimate solution. Designed for critical components
like cable clips, sliding elements, and emergency spring washers, our material ensures unmatched
safety and reliability. Trusted by railway builders globally, Comco-PA6 FR-V0 is your partner in
advancing rail safety standards.

Beyond Railways: A Spectrum of Industrial Applications Comco-PA6 FR-V0’s exceptional fire-
resistant properties extend its utility to industries with rigorous fire safety requirements, such as
shipbuilding, mining, oil & gas, and vehicle construction. Embrace the new era of fire safety with
Comco-PA6 FR-V0.

Certified Safety and Versatility

  • UL94: V0 Classification
  • EN45545-2: R22, R23, R24, R26 (Certified for the highest safety in rail applications)

Your Custom Solution Awaits Comco EPP offers Comco-PA6 FR-V0 in various forms to meet your
specific needs: plates, cut-to-size pieces, injection molded parts, and machined parts according to
your drawings. With standard stock dimensions of 2000×1000 mm and 3000×620 mm, and
thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 50mm, we’re ready to deliver the perfect solution for your project.

Join the Fire Safety Revolution with Comco-PA6 FR-V0 Don’t compromise on safety. Choose Comco-
PA6 FR-V0 for top-tier fire protection in your projects. Contact us today and elevate your fire safety
standards to new heights!

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