POM-C blue RAL5002 with EU10/2011 and FDA food approval.


The colour blue is often used in the food industry because it is highly visible and plastic fragments can be quickly identified if necessary. Our Comco POM-C blue RAL5002 has both EU10/2011 and FDA food approval.

Our Comco POM-C blue RAL 5002 is now again available for you from stock in many thicknesses.

Flat bars colour blue RAL5002

Thickness tolerance
(kg / piece)
3000 x 620 mm
15+0,1 ~ +2,041,8
20+0,1 ~ +2,056,6
30+0,3 ~ +3,583,6
40+0,3 ~ +3,5106,5
50+0,3 ~ +3,5133,12


Round rods colour blue RAL5002

(kg / piece)
L = 1000 mmL = 3000 mm
30+0,1 ~ +1,51,053,14
50+0,2 ~ +2,02,98,71
80+0,3 ~ +2,57,4422,31
100+0,5 ~ +3,511,6234,85
130+0,5 ~ +4,519,6358,9
150+0,5 ~ +4,526,1478,42
200+1,0 ~ +5,546,47139,42


POM-C offers high mechanical resilience coupled with good machinability. For all customers dealing with precision mechanical components and strict tolerance ranges, our POM-C is highly recommended due to its high dimensional stability.

In addition to blue RAL5002, we stock natural and black as standard. If you require Comco POM-C in red RAL3020 or green RAL6016, please contact us to discuss the minimum quantity.

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In the food industry, safety and visibility are paramount. That’s why at Comco EPP, we’re proud to introduce our Comco POM-C Blue RAL5002, the ideal material choice for high visibility and safety compliance.

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