Comco-PE 1000 / PE 1000 Regenerat

PE 1000/ PE 1000 Regenerat

These materials have been developed for technical applications, especially in the field of mechanical engineering. Our Regenerate type is made of ultra-high molecular polyethylene powder and finely ground PE 1000.

Colours: green, black. Other colours available on request


  1. Very high wear and abrasion resistance
  2. Low coefficient of sliding friction
  3. Very high notched bar impact strength

Application areas:

  • Our materials PE1000 & PE1000 Reg. are ideal for a multitude of different components in general mechanical engineering, such as sliding and conveying elements, carriers, screw conveyors etc.

Other designations: PE-UHMW R

Special designs: PE 1000 AST, PE 1000 MoS, PE 1000 UV