Comco-PE 500 / PE 500 Regenerat

PE 500/ PE 500 Regenerat - Comco EPP

PE 500 Regenerate is made of finely ground PE 500 and PE 1000.
PE 500 Reg. is characterised by excellent sliding properties, extreme wear resistance, high impact strength as well as excellent resistance to chemicals and has proven itself for many technical applications. A high-molecular polyethylene with a molecular weight of over 500,000.

Colours: natural, black, yellow, reddish brown, red, blue, green, grey, black-multi, confetti. Other colours available on request


  1. Increased mechanical properties
  2. Good sliding and wear properties
  3. High cut and scratch resistance
  4. Physiologically harmless

Application areas:

  • Comco-Premium 500 is a high-molecular polyethylene characterised by good mechanical properties such as scratch and cut resistance and very good resistance to acids. The material is used in branches such as the slaughterhouse/food industry, but also in shop floor and cold store construction.

Other designations: PE-HMW-R, RCH500, PE 500 Regenerat, PE-HMW-Regenerat

Special designs: PE 500 UV