PEEK Kunststoff - Comcoe EPP

PEEK offers excellent mechanical strength, high chemical and hydrolysis resistance as well as high radiation and steam resistance. The continuous operating temperature of PEEK is about 250 °C. Thanks to its excellent thermal properties, PEEK is suitable for applications at very high temperatures. Its physical properties remain unaffected by the external environment.

Colours: natural (brown), black. Other colours on request


  1. Excellent thermal properties
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
  3. Excellent wear resistance
  4. Excellent creep resistance
  5. Excellent chemical resistance
  6. Excellent radiation resistance
  7. Non-flammable

Application areas:

  • This highly robust material is used for components in semiconductor systems, LCD manufacturing plants, fine machining plants, chemical plants, electroplating plants and insulating materials.
  • Medical technology, aerospace, electrical industry, food industry


  • Comco-PEEK MG / PEEK Medical Grade
  • Comco-PEEK MOD / PEEK Modified
Comco-TF can be supplied in the following modifications:
  • PEEK-ELS EC/conductive

PEEK-ELS EC/conductive

This variant is made of CNT (carbo-nano-tube) PEEK resin. It retains a constant conductivity level between 104 and 106 ohms. The physical properties remain almost unchanged – just like those of the original PEEK.