Comco-PTFE / TF

TF PTFE Kunststoff - Comco EPP

The plastic with the highest resistance to chemicals and extremely low adhesion, Teflon / PTFE is a soft sintered material with a low level of mechanical resistance. Its most important properties are: resistance to almost all chemicals, very high continuous service temperature, 260 °C flame retardance, low coefficient of friction, extremely low adhesion, low strength and hardness and high frictional wear.

Other designations: Teflon, PTFE, Teflon virginal, PTFE pure

Colours: natural


  1. Resistance to almost all chemicals
  2. Very high continuous use temperature
  3. 260 °C flame resistance
  4. Low coefficient of friction
  5. Extremely low adhesion
  6. Low strength and hardness
  7. High sliding wear

Application areas:

  • Seals
  • coatings or plain bearings (if a low frictional resistance is required, but no wear stress occurs)


  • Comco-TF Mod. 15% glass
  • Comco-TF Mod. 15% graphite
  • Comco-TF Mod. 15% coal
  • Comco-TF Mod. 25% glass
  • Comco-TF Mod. 25% coal
  • Comco-TF Mod. 5% glass + 10% graphite
  • Comco-TF Mod. 5% glass + 10% coal