Comco PVC U - Comco EPP

This plasticiserfree PVC features excellent chemical resistance and good workability. Thanks to its good electrical insulating properties, high resistance to acids, alkalines and saline solutions and easy processing, PVC has proven itself in the chemical industry. It is well established as a common material in container and plant construction, the electrical industry and the construction industry. Our PVC is free of DOTE, lead, cadmium, CFC, silicone, PCB, bisphenol A, plasticisers and heavy metals.

Colours: dark grey, light grey, white, black, red, ivory, yellow, green, blue


  1. Very good chemical resistance
  2. High strength
  3. Good electrical insulating properties
  4. Flame retardant
  5. Good machinability
  6. Weather resistance

Application areas:

  • Chemical container and plant construction
  • Electrical industry
  • Construction sector
  • Water treatment plants