Plastic carriers


Sawmill aerial view chopped tree wood logs stacks in a row with machinery UK

In the woodworking industry, things can often get rough, especially when conveying logs. The challenge: quickly and accurately transport. Mounted on sturdy steel chains, our plastic carriers enable fast, precise sorting of logs according to their grade. We rely on high-quality, durable plastic that offers many advantages:

  1. very high wear and abrasion resistance
  2. low coefficient of sliding friction
  3. very high notch toughness
  4. no moisture absorption
  5. high UV resistance
  6. self-lubricating
  7. noise damping

Benefit from more efficient wood processing – with our plastic carriers.

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More contributions

In an industry where precision and resilience are critical, plasma cutting machines face the challenge of withstanding steel up to 160 mm thickness.

Our cast polyamide container rollers are manufactured to customer specifications. In contrast to the conventional steel roller, our polyamide roller offers several advantages.

Our Comco POM-C blue RAL5002 has both EU10/2011 and FDA food approval.