Comco-Powerglide green / PA 6 G slide modified green

Comco Powerglide grün/ PA 6 G Gleitmodifiziert grün - Comco EPP

A material that keeps its promises! Our Comco-Powerglide is the top material for sliding elements of all kinds with high loads. In many technical applications, particularly good material properties are important. To achieve these, lubricant additives are integrated into the plastic matrix. The lubricant is repeatedly released at the contact surface and becomes effective. The sliding values are improved enormously without additional external lubrication and friction and wear are reduced.

Colour: green


  1. higher loads and sliding speeds are possible
  2. extreme wear resistance
  3. withstands high mechanical loads
  4. shows low deformation under mechanical loads
  5. exhibits high surface hardness
  6. high strength and stiffness