Comco-Synthetic resin pressed wood

Comco EPP Produkte - Kunstharzpressholz

Synthetic resin pressed wood is a thermoset material consisting of European beech veneer as a carrier material and hardenable synthetic resin as a binder. High mechanical strength with low specific weight and good electrical properties characterise this material.

Application examples:

  • Connecting elements
  • Insulating parts
  • Thrust rings
  • Leaf springs
Comco-Synthetic resin pressed wood can be supplied in the following material types:
  • Factory designation | abbreviation:

Comco-KP20 212 | Synthetic resin pressed wood
Comco-KP20 214 | according to DIN 7707
Comco-KP20 222
Comco-KP20 224
Comco-KP20 242
Comco-KP20 244