Safety brought on track:
Flame-retardant polyamide 6 for railway construction and industrial applications.


Safety comes first in public rail transport. Whether cable clips, sliding elements or emergency spring washers: with Comco-PA6 FR-V0, Comco EPP presents an unreinforced, flame-retardant polyamide 6 for special applications in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2. Railway builders worldwide already rely on our material, contact us too!

Another field of use are industrial applications with particularly high fire protection requirements: for example, in shipbuilding, mining, oil & gas and vehicle construction.

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Flexi Cast

With Flexi Cast, Comco EPP is one of the few manufacturers to offer you customised, waste-optimised cast polyamide 6 sheet formats.

Comco EPP Middle East has been very well received in the Middle East, India and Egypt region and has met with a highly positive response in the local markets.