Comco–PEEK in high availability


Comco–PEEK in hoher Verfügbarkeit - Comco EPP

Our Comco-PEEK offers excellent mechanical strength, high chemical and hydrolysis resistance as well as high resistance to radiation and steam. The continuous operating temperature of Comco-PEEK is around 250 °C. Its excellent thermal properties make Comco-PEEK suitable for applications at very high temperatures, while the physical properties remain unaffected by the external environment. In addition to the standard colour natural, we can also offer Comco-PEEK in black or with the special Comco-PEEK ELS EC setting with a constant conductivity level between 10^4 ohm and 10^6 ohm.

In terms of dimensions, we have now also been able to specialise in sheet formats of 2000 × 1000 mm in thicknesses of 8–30 mm. Due to our special manufacturing process, the plates are warp-free and can be used well for specially required dimensionally accurate products. Flat bars in 610 mm width are available in lengths of 1000 mm or 3000 mm and in thicknesses of 5–60 mm as standard. The same applies to our round bars in diameters of 5–200 mm.

More contributions

Our cast polyamide container rollers are manufactured to customer specifications. In contrast to the conventional steel roller, our polyamide roller offers several advantages.

Our Comco POM-C blue RAL5002 has both EU10/2011 and FDA food approval.

K 2022 celebrates its 70th anniversary – and Comco EPP celebrates, too!